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Glazed Oil Lamp - AMD.137
Origin: Central Asia
Circa: 800 AD to 1100 AD
Dimensions: 3" (7.6cm) high x 6.1" (15.5cm) wide
Collection: Islamic Art
Medium: Glazed Earthenware

Additional Information: AS

Location: UAE
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Early Islamic oil lamps were a continuation of Byzantine lamps. Initially they were decorated with stylised bird, animal or foliate motifs but over time geometric and linear designs were favoured.

This is a fine example of a double spouted glazed lamp. It has no prominent support, but is provided with a large leaf-shaped thumb-piece on its handle. It is covered with a green glaze and the lower body is decorated with incised lozenge motifs, whereas the top part consists of fine vegetal motifs. The double spouted lamp has a large central filling hole.

The Quran cites that: "God is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The parable of His light is, as it were, that of a niche containing a lamp; the lamp is [enclosed] in glass, the glass [shining] like a radiant star: [a lamp] lit from a blessed tree - an olive-tree that is neither of the east nor of the west the oil whereof [is so bright that it] would well-nigh give light [of itself] even though fire had not touched it: light upon light! God guides unto His light him that wills [to be guided]; and [to this end] God propounds parables unto men, since God [alone] has full knowledge of all things". 24:35 - (AMD.137)


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